Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee offers those with an interest in transportation issues the opportunity to network with other professionals, to sharpen their technical and professional skills, and to grow professionally.

Transportation Committee Event Schedule (2015-16 )

The Transportation Committee meets, typically, at the George Washington University, Foggy Bottom Campus (near the "Foggy Bottom - GWU" metro station) every other month around noon. The meetings are educational opportunities held in the Lehman Auditorium (Room B1270), Science and Engineering Hall, 800 22nd Street NW, Washington DC. For training sessions, attendees receive 1 PDH.

The following table lists the 2015-16 meeting schedule and topic:
Date Topic Description
May 12, 2015 Understanding Innovative Highway Interchanges & Intersections (Speaker: Gilbert Chlewicki) The pace of acceleration in innovative intersection and interchange design concepts has picked up significantly in the US since the publication of the paper on the Diverging Diamond Interchange in 2003 by Gilbert Chlewicki, who will be our speaker for this session. Discover the history, benefits, and application of innovative geometric design in the US and the numerous types of innovative intersections and interchanges that are springing up throughout the US. Gilbert has been assisting the Federal Highway Administration spread the word about them throughout the US and has been involved with many planning, design, and research projects on innovative designs throughout the country. What innovation do these interchanges and intersections leverage? Think significantly improving traffic operations and reducing crashes of all types at a fraction of the cost of conventional solutions! (Meeting Champion: Ranjit Sahai)
July 18, 2015 Railroad Excursion and Picnic The nineteenth century saw the birth of the American Railroad. Come ride a train powered by a diesel-locomotive and discover the revolution that set in motion the dynamics that have made the American people and goods so mobile in the modern era. Click here for event flyer. (Meeting Champions: Mike O'Connor and Shri Yamijala)
September 8, 2015 Risk Informed Civil Project Delivery Managing infrastructure scope and budget creep thorough risk informed project management theory and practice within the public sector is vital to helping our mega infrastructure projects come in on time and budget. (Meeting Champion: Mike O'Connor)
November 10, 2015 Connected Vehicles Infrastructure Discover what the US Department of Transportation has in the works for connecting vehicles to surface transportation infrastructure to improve driver safety over the next few years and decades. (Meeting Champion: Dr. Samer Hamdar.)
January 11 (Monday), 2016 Recent Innovations in Bridge Inspection Techniques Learn about scanning technologies for condition assessment of bare concrete decks including Ground Penetrating Radar for network level assessment and Impact Echo Scanning for detailed level assessment. Case studies with test results will be presented in which comparison/ground-truthing techniques (sounding, coring, etc.) were employed. Additionally, a monitoring technique using Interferometric Radar for remote static and dynamic monitoring of bridges will be discussed. This noncontact technology can obtain simultaneous displacement and vibration measurement of the structure. Speaker: Larry Olson of Olson Engineering. (Meeting Champion: Mike Scott)
March 8, 2016 Recent Innovations in Airport Pavement Design The majority of US airports were built during World War II with concrete runways.  Since then, major advancements in pavement engineering have emerged and have been employed as these aging runways require rehabilitation or reconstruction.  Discover modern airport pavement design methods, which provide increased safety, longevity, constructability and sustainability. Our speaker, Hugh Weaver, PE, is an expert on aviation pavements with over 30 years of experience at airports across the country. (Meeting Champion: Alan McDonald)

All ASCE NCS members and interested non-members are invited to attend Transportation Committee activities.

Ranjit Sahai (Chair); Shri Yamijala (Vice Chair); Mike O'Connor (Member); Samer Hamdar (Member); Mike Scott (Member); Alan McDonald (Member).