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ASCE NCS-SEI June 2024 Meeting

Corrosion Protection Plan for 100-Year Service Life

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Owners are using the design-build vehicle to deliver signature and expensive bridges. In this process, owners specify performance-based design where the service life of various replaceable and non-replaceable members is defined in the RFP. The means and methods of achieving the specified service life is left to the design-build team. AASHTO manuals refer to the use of design for service life to ensure that structures are designed to achieve 100 years of service.

The Fib 34 model predicts the service life of RC elements (with a 90% confidence level) exposed to chlorides based on the chloride loading, concrete permeability data (chloride migration coefficient), rebar material, design cover, and several other factors. Based on the modeling results, engineers select a specific combination of rebar cover, concrete mix design, and rebar material to achieve a 100-year life. The life cycle cost of each option is compared to select the best option for each environment (deck, superstructure, substructure, etc.).

This presentation will review the several factors that must be effectively addressed during the design stage to achieve a 100-year service life. Material/corrosion experts retained along with the design team can significantly help avoid factors that cause premature deterioration in structures.

Meeting Format: Hybrid (In-person & Virtual)
Location: WSP USA Inc., 13530 Dulles Technology Drive, 1st Floor – DEP Conference 1,  Herndon, Virginia 20171 
Time: Thursday, June 20th at 12:00-1:00 PM
Virtual Link: The meeting link will be sent out following registration to all virtual attendees
Cost of Attendance:
 Virtual ($10), Life Member ($10), Member In-Person ($20), Non-Member In-Person ($25)

Attendees will receive (1.0) Professional Development Hour (PDH).

(Note: Free parking is available around the building, except with a few reserved spots marked at the back. Lunch will be provided for all in-person attendees.)

About the Speaker

Siva Venugopalan, President
Siva Corrosion Services, Inc.

Siva Venugopalan graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Master of Science in Ocean Engineering. He is a Cathodic Protection Specialist certified by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE). Before coming to the US, Siva graduated with a bachelor's in civil engineering from Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, and a Master's in Geotechnical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. After a seven-year stint in two different firms in the US, Siva started his consulting firm in 1997. He is President and Principal Engineer of Siva Corrosion Services, Inc.

He is a member of the Tau-Beta-Pi Engineering honor society. He has published his work in several peer-reviewed journals. He is currently active in the bridge & infrastructure industry. As a member of the FHWA Expert Task Group, he has contributed to the Bridge Preservation Guide and developed several pocket guides for field engineers. He regularly participates in TRB and AASHTO meetings for Bridges and Structures. His passion is to design durable structures and extend the life of existing structures to achieve and exceed the design life.

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