Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee offers those with an interest in transportation issues the opportunity to network with other professionals, to sharpen their technical and professional skills, and to grow professionally.

Ethics is a vital topic; it is concerned with how you evaluate choices to determine which is good or evil, right or wrong, desirable or undesirable. Ethics is a human necessity. It also helps you discover how to assess if situations that make you queasy have ethical implications.

During this session, attendees:

  • Learned about the three foundation principles of ethics
  • Related these principles to those in the ASCE Code of Ethics
  • Reviewed the application of these principles in an ethical case reported to ASCE Committee on Professional Conduct
  • Discovered the link to resources on ethics that are made available by ASCE to its members

Those registered in the State of Maryland took advantage of this session to fulfill their 1 PDH requirement on ethics. Those of you registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia and/or the District of Columbia also added 1 PDH toward their license renewal.

About the Speaker: Ranjit Sahai, PE, F.ASCE is the 2013-14 ASCE-NCS Past President. He is an author and principal at RAM Corporation, a consulting engineering firm focused on traffic engineering, storm water management, and technology projects. He has a keen interest in philosophy and has completed several online courses on the topic. Join the NCS Transportation Committee at this session to not only receive a PDH toward your PE license renewal but also to learn from ethical cases ASCE highlights in its monthly communication with its members.