Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee offers those with an interest in transportation issues the opportunity to network with other professionals, to sharpen their technical and professional skills, and to grow professionally.

Image of Gilbert and the Diverging Diamond Interchange concept he wrote about in 2003.George Washington University (May 12, 2015): The pace of acceleration in innovative intersection and interchange design concepts picked up significantly in the US after the publication of the paper on the Diverging Diamond Interchange in 2003 by Gilbert Chlewicki, who was the speaker for this session. The session was held at noon at the GWU campus near the Foggy Bottom metro station.

He shared the history, benefits, and application of innovative geometric design in the US and the numerous types of innovative intersections and interchanges that are springing up throughout the US. Gilbert has been assisting the Federal Highway Administration spread the word about them throughout the US and has been involved with many planning, design, and research projects on innovative designs throughout the country.

What benefit do these interchanges and intersections offer their users? Think significantly improving traffic operations and reducing crashes of all types at a fraction of the cost of conventional solutions!