What Are Committees?

ASCE's National Capital Section operates several volunteer-run Committees responsible for administrative, technical, outreach, and special-project functions. Administrative committees include: Logistics (Manages logistics and the registration desk for Section-level meetings); Technology (Manages administrative email accounts, Website, Online storage of documents) and Newsletter (Publishes 8-issues of the acclaimed ASCE-NCS eNewsletter in PDF format). Technical committees include: Construction, Geotechnical, History & Heritage, Structural, Sustainability, Transportation, , Water Resources, and Younger Member Forum. Outreach committees include: Communication (Sends newsletter, event registration, and volunteer opportunity communications); Volunteer (Manages Engineer's Week, Life Member). Special Project committees include: Centennial Celebration, DC Infrastructure Report Card, Boundary Stones, and other special projects the Section takes on. As a member of this Section, the path to a leadership position on the Board of Directors is through active participation in our committees. Should you be looking for ways to expand your management and leadership skills, consider joining or leading a Committee. You will find the contact information for our current Committee Chairs under the Contact Us menu.

The Great Falls Canal and Locks in McLean, Virginia, is a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark (NHCEL) shared jointly by the NCS and the VA Sections (as it is within the NCS boundary and also in VA). It's a great opportunity for a joint NCS-VA Sections activity, especially in 2022, which happens to be the Virginia Section's Centennial year!

The canal & locks were constructed from 1785 to 1802 and operated until 1821.  Check out our NCS website for more information on this NHCEL: Patowmack Canal & Locks - Great Falls VA - ASCE NHCEL.

We will walk along the canal route observing remnants of canal walls, the Holding Basin, 5 locks, and Matildaville. We'll also take time to appreciate the Great Falls overlook and flood record marker - must see to believe. We'll also observe the ASCE NHCEL Plaque mounted in 1969 on a boulder face adjacent to Lock 1.

ENTRY FEE WAIVED: The McLean VA site is a National Park and normally has a $20 per car entry fee; however, the entry fee will be waived on the federal/national Veterans Day Holiday on Friday, November 11th. This is a great opportunity for a joint Section activity - tour of the Great Falls Canal & Locks NHCEL.

To get a real appreciation of the scope of the project you need to actually walk the site. If the weather cooperates it's a great place for a picnic, too. It's an easy 2.5 miles (round trip) walk, so wear good/comfortable shoes.  Sections of this trail can be muddy after it rains, especially near the Holding Basin. Family members are welcome, but be advised of the need for everyone (especially youngsters) to stay close to the group - avoid wandering off the path(s). To help protect this site of American Civil Engineering history, visitors must not climb on the ruins. Depending on our pace, plan on completing the tour around noon.

We need a head count of those planning to attend. Email Bernie Dennis (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by Nov 5th to register for this site visit. In the email, provide your name and the number and names for those in your group. Also provide a contact cell phone number(s) so you can be reached in case of tour information updates. The Visitor Center is closed for renovation until the spring of 2023; however, restrooms are open for use. We will provide bottled water and snacks. The Park follows Leave No Trace principles regarding trash - if you brought it, take it with you.