Since my Presidency (2007-2008) I have remained active in National Capital Section Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities, particularly in Discover Engineering Family Day (DEFD) held at the National Building Museum during Engineer’s Week.  I also have helped out with the USA Science and Engineering Festival (USAS&EF) held at the DC Convention Center every other year and the EPA P3 (People Prosperity and the Planet) event in DC every year.

Those of us involved in STEM programs like to say that we don’t want or expect every kid to be an Engineer, but we want everyone to have a better understanding and appreciation for the built environment we live in.

As a senior manager at Whitman, Requardt & Associates (WRA) I have fun every day helping clients plan, design and build infrastructure.  I’ve been with WRA for over 15 years and I’ve spent my entire 35 year career in consulting.

My wife Andrea and I met at the University of Delaware (Andrea is a Geotech Engineer).  I graduated in 1981 with a BCE and I received a MCE from Delaware in 1988.  I am a registered PE in Massachusetts, Virginia, the District of Columbia and West Virginia. We enjoy going to ASCE events and “talking shop” but we also enjoy taking care of our house and garden in Fairfax City, watching live basketball games and visiting our home state of Delaware where our families still reside.