Released by ASCE-NCS.ORG on January 14, 2016

The National Capital Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) released the 2016 Report Card for D.C.’s Infrastructure on Thursday, January 14, 2016.

The report includes an evaluation of the District’s bridges, drinking water, energy, levees, parks, rail, roads, schools, solid waste, transit and wastewater.

D.C.'s Infrastructure received a "mediocre" grade. It is of only moderate quality; not very good. Because infrastructure has a direct impact on our lives every day—from the quality of water delivered through taps in our homes, to the condition of school buildings our children attend and to the condition and capacity of the roads and rails we travel on, those living or working in, and those governing D.C.'s infrastructure funding policies must invest adequately to safeguard its role that is vital to our economy, security, recreation, and safety.


Washington Post: DC's infrastructure gets a C-minus — and transportation ranks lowest
Despite recent investments in the District's infrastructure, it continues to crumble — and in the worst state is the city's transportation system. A report card to be released Thursday by the American Society of Civil Engineers gives the city a C ...

WTOP: Report card gives DC infrastructure a C-minus
A report card says the District's infrastructure is in slightly better shape than that of the rest of the nation, but that the condition and congestion of the roads is costing each person who drives in the city plenty. The American ...

Roll Call: District's Roads, Transit Score Badly in Engineers' Report
The district's infrastructure is mediocre overall and close to falling into the “at risk” category, according to the group's first “Report Card for D.C.'s Infrastructure.” The District fared better than the national average, but it's nothing to ...

Washington City Paper: Report Card: DC Gets Ds in Levees, Roads, and Transit, Bs in Bridges and Rails
Remediation may be in order: The District is "at risk" of having levees, roads, and transit infrastructure that are "unfit for purpose," according to an area report card released today by the American Society of Civil Engineers. D.C. received a "G.P.A ... Report: DC's Infrastructure Gets C- Grade Overall, Higher Than The National ...
The state of D.C.'s infrastructure is a grade higher than the national average, despite the city's low-scoring roads, transit system, and levees, according to a report card released today by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The country's ...

TV & Radio Broadcast

American Society of Civil Engineers. on WTOP-DC (Radio) - Washington, D.C.
01/14/2016 05:05:43
... costs best 833 dollars per driver the Washington Post obtained a new study from the American society of civil engineers it gives the District seen minus citing a few well known problems including overly congested roadways and trouble transit system in the District make L.A. WTO the ...

American Society of Civil Engineers. on WTOP-DC (Radio) - Washington, D.C.
01/14/2016 05:33:11
... infrastructure in the nation's capital it's a scene minus that's where the American society of civil engineers there's an annual reports this study obtained by the Washington Post cites a few well known issues safety and financial problems plaguing Metro of a congested roadways researchers say of ...

Civil Engineers. on WJLA-DC (ABC) - Washington, D.C.
01/14/2016 05:16:17
Good Morning Washington @ 5:00
... the report released by a national group of civil engineers evaluates the district's bridges, rails, roads, drinking water, ...
American Society of Civil Engineers. on WRC-DC (NBC) - Washington, D.C.
01/14/2016 06:16:49
News4 Today at 6 (News)
... in d.c. the american society of civil engineers will release its 2014 report card on its infrastructure. the group looks at things like drinking water, waste water, ...

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