What It Means To Be A Member of the NCS Board

For this special feature we had asked NCS Board members, "What has it meant to you to be a member of the NCS Board?" The universal theme from the feedback you will discover below was “personal and professional development.” The specific themes that each focused on for development however were unique:

  • Giving back to community and profession;
  • Writing in a way that engages the reader;
  • Exposure to fiscal management;
  • Broadening of horizons;
  • Lasting friendships; and
  • Sense of pride in serving the needs of fellow professionals.

If you are or have been an NCS Board member, I encourage you to share your story with our members. Write a few paragraphs about your experience, include a biographical note and a photograph and email Ranjit Sahai so we can include the narrative about your experience here.

Board Member Feature

John Casana, President (2011-12)

I first became involved with the ASCE-NCS about ten years ago at the suggestion of Al Grant, Past President of ASCE National, because I participated in the quarterly Sustainability Forum at the National Academies which Mr. Grant led. My initial role was a member of the NCS Sustainability Committee. The next year, I became Committee Chair.
We started the NCS annual support of EPA’s P3 EXPO, and our annual NCS Sustainability Award. I was quite content to continue to be a Committee Chair. Although I had reservations when first asked to serve on the NCS Board (as Secretary), I’ve found it a highly rewarding experience.

The Board’s breadth of experience forms a very diverse team. I derive satisfaction from the progress and achievements that NCS has made and this was the reason I decided to serve. The surprise has been the friendships I developed in the process which add such richness to the experience.

A Civil Engineer with over 30 years’ experience, John currently is employed at Booz Allen Hamilton where he serves as Facilities Lead for the Navy’s VIRGINIA Class Submarine Program. John’s areas of expertise include infrastructure, water resources, and environmental management. He is a P.E., LEED AP, a Diplomate Water Resources Engineer, and a Change Management Advanced Practitioner. He also serves on the Strategic Communications Sub-Committee of the ASCE Committee on Sustainability. John holds a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, an M.S. in Hydrology from the University of New Hampshire, as well as Graduate Certificates from Harvard and Georgetown Universities. John is married with four adult children and five beautiful grandchildren. John enjoys sailing and skiing.